Wendy Williams returns to TV after all the polemic

It has been a long wait from the last time we saw Wendy on her show. But finally last week, it was announced by the production that she was coming back on the first week of March

Her absence of two months is the result of the hostess health problems. However, her hiatus has become a huge source of speculation. Rumors about her health getting worse, the staff of her talk show criticizing her publicly or the cancelation of the same have made headlines everywhere.

The cheating scandal…
The biggest gossip of all came from different media outlets reporting on the husband, Kevin Hunter who allegedly has been cheating on Williams for 10 years with a massage therapist (Sharina Hudson), and he even has moved with her. Sharing his time between his house in New Jersey and the one he shares with Hudson.

Not only that,Sharina was also seen wearing a diamond engagement ring and she and Hunter were spotted together in Barbados. In 2001, Wendy caught Kevin cheating for the first time, but she declared later that it just made their relationship stronger.

Additionally, Nick Cannon, who was one of the multiple substitute hosts that the show brought to cover her absence, said that he had a call with her, where she expressed to want to stay away of the negativity outside to recover her health. He also mentioned that he talked with Kevin father and son and that they were sticking together like a family.

Will Wendy will talk about the rumors, finally?
Wendy has made a career spilling the tea. Often having very polemic opinions about others that have made her target of critics and disses. Now people are coming after the hostess, calling her a hypocrite for not addressing her own dirty laundry after she never had problems to talk about the ones of the others.

Although, we will still need to wait to see if Williams, in her first show of the year, will acknowledge all the rumors about her without sugarcoating them, especially the ones referring to her marriage.

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