Blac Chyna has not been accepted into Harvard Business School

Blac Chyna’s acceptance letter into Harvard Business School Online has been declared a fake.

On Thursday (25Apr19), editors at reported that the reality TV star had been enrolled to study Business Analytics online, based on an acceptance letter they had been sent by her team, and the 30-year-old also provided a comment about her new education plan.

However, officials at the prestigious institution have since issued a statement to the website declaring that nobody named Angela White, Chyna’s real name, is signed up to the online course.

“Harvard Business School Online has not admitted nor provided an acceptance letter to a person named Angela White,” the representative said.

Chyna and her team are yet to respond to the claims that the letter she provided was fake.

According to the website, the former Rob & Chyna star found out about the course, which teaches students how to interpret data and make savvy business decisions, after being sent an email by Christian Emiliano, who offered to get his team to complete the course on her behalf so she could add Harvard to her resume.

“This completely online program is what everyone is doing now to add ‘attended Harvard’ to their brand. Our team will complete all the course work for you, all you have to do is take one test (we will provide you the study guide) and then take credit for the program,” the email read. “You can go on the Harvard campus and take a picture with a Harvard hoodie on / you can post updates on your snapchat and Instagram Story.”

Chyna’s team confirmed to TMZ that they received Emiliano’s pitch, which would cost $3,250 (£2,500), but insist she never hired him and decided to take the course on her own, which Emiliano also confirmed.

When her acceptance onto the course was originally announced, the mother of two told the website: “Where I’m at now is a stage of realisation and growth! I want to be great for myself and my kids. School is going to help me take things up a couple of notches. People are always talking about me, might as well talk about the good. I’m excited for the next chapter.”

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