What is going on with Bradley Cooper girlfriend?

f you haven’t got tired of all this narrative with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Good, because more information keeps coming out every day.

The people keep talking about if the chemistry that both seem to share, it is just a PR scheme to promote their movie. With some definitely doubting that they (Gaga and Cooper) would dare to act like in the face of the current actor couple. Who at least for the cameras acts unbothered.

Yeah, there has been wide discussions about if Bradley’s girlfriend, Irina Shayk is totally cool with the actors’ relationship or if she is secretly shading the singer.

Things like how Irina hugged Gaga after this won the Oscar or if the first unfollowed the second on Instagram, without being clear if she was following her in the first place. Also about how Shayk could have been so excited clapping after Gaga and Cooper finished their steamy rendition of Shallow for the Oscars.

To be honest, there has not been any clear evidence of Irina been upset or jealous about what everyone is assuming that is happening between the actors. Everything seems just a little bit of a stretch, except for one thing… in the Oscars night Irina sat down in the middle of them all night.

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